Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Fixed points for set-valued contractions    M.Sc.    Movahedizadeh, Somayeh    2010-05-22
2    Bi-Parameter semigroup and automatic continuity    Ph.D    Mohammadian, Hossein    2010-09-22
3    Some classes of operator functions    Ph.D    Kian, Mohsen    2010-12-01
4    Annihilator-preserving maps, multipliers, and derivations    M.Sc.    kashfi, leila    2011-05-15
5    Numerical radius and some related inequalities    M.Sc.    timori, badria    2011-11-06
6    Linear Maps preserving local spectra    M.Sc.    ,    2011-11-27
7    Operator functions and types of positive maps    Ph.D    Najafi, Hamed    2012-01-09
8    properties of induced norms in the matrix space    M.Sc.    Tatar, Ali    2012-01-21
9    Extensions of multilinear forms to the bidual of Banach spaces    M.Sc.    ghotb hoseini, bahareh    2012-01-21
10    Maps preserving operator pairs whose products are projections    M.Sc.    amiri sam, maryam    2012-04-28
11    Crossed products and Different algebraic structures    Ph.D    Pooya, Sanaz    2012-09-19
12    Bi-parameter (semi-)groups, σ-derivation and double derivation    Ph.D    mahdavian rad, hussein    2012-11-21
13    Bounded homomorphisms on topological algebraic structures    Ph.D    zabeti, omid    2012-11-21
14    Maps preserving regular elements in C*-algebras    M.Sc.    HAGHIGHATKHAH, ATEFEH    2013-04-21
15    Linear maps preserving minimum modulus and reduced minimum modulus    M.Sc.    haj mohammadi, monireh    2013-04-21
16    Maps preserving zero product on Banach algebras    M.Sc.    seyedabousaeidi, vajihe    2013-04-21
17    Additive maps strongly preserve generalized invertibility    M.Sc.    ,    2013-05-15
18    The second dual of tensor products and operator algebras    M.Sc.    Faal Gandomkar, Ramin    2013-05-19
19    Volterra spaces    M.Sc.    talebi, ali    2013-05-19
20    Orthogonality in Normed Spaces and Orthogonal Operators    Ph.D    Zamani, Ali    2013-05-22
21    Hermite-Hadamard Inequality    M.Sc.    Falizkaran yazdi, Farzaneh    2013-10-20
22    Operator inequalities for positive linear mappings    Ph.D    Dadkhah, Ali    2013-10-20
23    INEqualities for commutatrs of operators on hilbert spaces    Ph.D    maleki, manzar    2013-12-03
24    Maps preserving zero product on module extension and matrix algebras    Ph.D    bahmani, mohammad ali    2013-12-25
25    Mixed C-semigroups, C-integrated semigroups and C-cosine semigroups    Ph.D    Mosallanezhad, Masood    2014-01-15
26    An Extension of the Gleason-Kahane-Zelazko Theorem    M.Sc.    amadeh, zeynab    2014-04-20
27    Mappings preserving different multiplications    Ph.D    ghorbani poor, somaye    2014-09-20
28    Triple derivations on Jordan triple systems    M.Sc.    alizadeh, mansooreh    2014-12-07
29    Inequalities related to norm and numerical radius    M.Sc.    najafi, zahra    2015-01-04
30    n-Weakly Hypercyclic and n-Weakly Supercyclic Operators    M.Sc.    neghabi, zahra    2015-01-04
31    Operator and Matrix Equations    Ph.D    vosough, mehdi    2015-01-10
32    Maps preserving rank one operators and orthogonality preserving mappings    M.Sc.    rahimi aghcheshmeh, reza    2015-02-27
33    Generalised invertible elements in Banach algebra and c*-algebras    M.Sc.    Jafari, Roghaieh    2015-02-28
34    Fixed point theorems in generalized metric spaces    Ph.D    haji mojtahed, malihe    2015-06-15
35    Some Generalized linear mappings on Banach algebras and Jordan Banach algebras    Ph.D    gholampour, mohamad    2015-09-20
36    Jordan Weak Amenability of Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    kalantari, sahar    2015-11-06
37    Preserving mappings and different algebraic structures    Ph.D    SAFARIZADEH, MOZHDEH    2016-01-26
38    Drazin and Moore-Penrose spectrum    Ph.D    rahmati nasr abad, zahra    2016-09-21
39    Non-linear vector valued holomorphic smi-flows and semi-cocycles and their generators    Ph.D    vafadar seyedi nasl, reihaneh    2018-02-10
40    Maps preserving reduced minimum modulus    M.Sc.    Bijestani Moghaddam, Narges    2018-04-15
41    Orthogonally Additive Homogeneous Polynomials on Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    mousavian, seyyedeh fatemeh    2018-05-20